§1 General
All Orders are carried out according the General Terms & Conditions of Stern Dental Technology (Pty) Ltd. ("Stern"). The General Terms and Conditions apply for the entire duration of the business relationship, even if payment is made by a third party.
Deviating conditions require the written confirmation of the contractor. The general terms and conditions remain binding in the case of invalidity of individual provisions

§2 Prices

§ 2.1
The calculation of dental services or other products shall be effected at the prices valid on the day of delivery according to the individual price list of "Stern"

Quotations are based on "Stern" individual price list on the day of the exhibition. They only take into account foreseeable expenses and are only binding in written form. Increases up to 10% are accepted by the client without prior confirmation. In the case of increase of more than 10%, coordination with the client takes place before the start of work or order. Changes in the prices for separately calculated materials (artificial teeth, precious alloys, ect.) change the cost proposal in any case.

§3 Delivery times
Delivery dates are given to the best of our ability. If the delivery deadline is exceeded, the client can only withdraw from the contract or demand compensation for damages in the case of delayed performance of the contractor or the impossibility for which he is responsible.

§4 Shipment
Shipping and returns are at the expense and risk of the client.

§5 Liability

The client must check the work or product immediately after receipt for accuracy and completeness.
Complaints must be reported by the client immediately in writing. The client must provide the working models required for subsequent improvement or replacement delivery. In the event of registration or fitting inaccuracies, the complaint must be made within 10 working days after the receipt of the work on presentation of the first models; new models or impressions must be enclosed or submitted immediately. These regulations apply only to obvious defects.

Claims for defects are limited to the right of rectification of the defect or the delivery of a defect-free item
. The decision on this is reserved to the contractor. In case of failure to remedy the defect or delivery of a defect-free item, the client has the right to reduce the remuneration or to withdraw from the contract.

Claims for damages are excluded, as far as they are not based on a grossly negligent breach of contract by the contractor or on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract by a legal representative or vicarious agent of the contractor. This does not apply to damage resulting from injury to life, limb or health.

§6 Working documents
All work is done with great care. However, the contractor has no influence on the quality of the submitted models, impressions or digital data. These documents are crucial for the seat in the mouth. Working documents that appear to be defective can therefore be returned in consultation with and agreement with the client. The client must always be responsible for the consequences of faulty models, impressions or digital data.

§7 Material and accessories
Materials supplied by the client (precious metal, teeth, etc.) or accessories (finished parts, eg attachments, joints, etc.) can be coated with a commercially available processing surcharge. Failures due to faulty materials and accessories delivered by the client are not at the expense of the contractor. For the storage of the materials or accessories delivered by the client, the contractor is liable with the care he spends in his own affairs.

§8 Payments

Invoices are payable on receipt without discount.

§8.2 Payment Methods
Local Clients (Seychelles): Cash, Cash Deposit, Wire Transfer.
International Clients: Wire Transfer, PayPal.

Checks are only valid when redeemed as payment.
In the case of late payment (30days) default interest in the amount of 5% interest rate.

§9 Retention of title


The property is reserved for all delivered works until the end of the contract complete payment of all claims, including ancillary claims
the business connection.

§10 Place of performance and jurisdiction


Place of performance for delivery and payment is the location of "Stern".


Jurisdiction is the seat of "Stern".

Stern Dental Technology (Pty) Ltd. reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time and to refuse service for any reason.