Blender for Dental

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Blender for Dental

Blender add-ons for Dentistry

Blender is a free to download open source software. We are using it for our digital dental requirements. You can do this too!

There is a genuine need for dental software which is less expensive and free from annual license fees. 

The add-ons for Blender come together with some short tutorials. They are designed to simplify Blender.
Whether you are making a 3D model for printing or designing a Zirconia framework for milling, you will be up and running in no time at all.

Our goal is to share the Blenderfordental® add-ons with all our dental colleagues, to provide a low cost alternative to the existing digital dentistry programs, and to keep the software as user-friendly as possible. Let's make Blenderfordental® a real game changer. 

B4D Model Designer

is compatible with Blender 3.6 LTS. The module is perfect for designing 3D dental models from a scan. Supported files are .STL, OBJ and PLY.

Included features are: 

  • Full introduction into 3D design. No prior 3D experience is needed
  • Reducing the file size for optimal working conditions
  • Aligning your scan into the centre of the workspace
  • Cutting tools for excess material
  • Filling holes and correcting minor defects using sculpting tools
  • Trimming the scan borders with an arch cutting tool
  • Designing the upper and lower bases
  • Orthodontic model bases - ABO dimensions
  • Making dies & ditching dies - many design options
  • Extracting teeth
  • Hollowing bases
  • Labelling models
  • Component insert for implant analog, or articulator
  • Articulation with a pin or hinge articulator
  • Snapshot photography feature
  • Blender's new Eevee 3D background environment
  • Easy exporting of your work 

The MODEL DESIGNER is a prerequisite for all other Blenderfordental modules and creates the new menu inside Blender.  It is also the starting point for further restorative work.