Introduction to B4D
CAD/CAM Dentistry Digital
3/22/24, 5:15 PM - 3/22/24, 6:15 PM (Indian/Mahe) (1 hour)
Introduction to B4D
Atanas Hadzhikostov
Founder & CEO at Dentapax Dental Clininc
Atanas Hadzhikostov
Founder & CEO at Dentapax Dental Clininc

Master of Dental Medicine

- Comprehensive prosthetic treatment,
- Aesthetic restorations,
- Full mouth rehabilitation,
- Digital treatment planing with Blender for Dental, 3Shape & Exocad.

Blender for Dental Experience:
- 2020 - present ​Working with  Blender for Dental
- 2020 ​Certified Blender for Dental Instrctor
- 2023 ​Teaching Courses iBar Modul
- 2021 - present ​Lecturing on Blender for Dental
- 2023 ​Live Demonstration - IDS Cologne

Introduction to Blender for Dental

Discover the power of Blender for Dental applications with our introductory course. 

Designed specifically for dental professionals, this course offers a comprehensive overview of B4D capabilities, tailored to meet the unique needs of dental practices and laboratories.

 Whether you're a dentist, orthodontist, or dental technician, see how to harness B4D tools to create stunning visualizations, design dental prosthetics, and streamline workflows. 

No prior experience with Blender is required. 

Join us and unlock the potential of B4D in the world of dentistry.