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Dynax Mono, 2x50ml incl. accessories

Dynax Mono, 2x50ml incl. accessories

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700,00 SR

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                      Dynax Mono


                      Dynax®mono is a medium bodied precision impression material for the monophase impression.

                      Intended use
                      Dental impression materials on the basis of vinylpolysiloxane, mixing ratio A:B = 1:1.

                      Indications for use
                      Dynax® dental impression material is intended to be placed on a preformed impression tray and to reproduce the structure of a patients teeth and gums.

                      Dynax®  mono
                      - scannable surface
                      - hydrophilic surface characteristic
                      - high tensile strength
                      - highest precision and dimensional stability
                      - high elastic recovery
                      - long processing times
                      - short intraoral curing